What Kinds of False Eyelashes Are Best Selling for 2021 Black Friday?

2021 False Eyelashes Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is special for every year, isn’t it? Yes. Of course. Because we can get a huge discount for any promotion. Okay. Then how about the black Friday deals for the false eyelash industry? Have you planned your brand new false eyelashes or selected your new lash styles? Maybe some people say “no”, because they don’t have any idea about a hot sale on black Friday. Dear, you don’t need to worry again, because we — SY Lashes, as a 20+ years eyelash manufacturer and lash packaging factory, will clear your all confusion in the following article.

Many eyelash buyers may have a question, what kinds of eyelashes are most popular for 2021 Black Friday? We can answer you without hesitation — “mink lashes”. We make a research of the eyelash market, the mink lashes are best sale in the market, especially 3d mink lashes. At present, the demand for 3D mink lashes is still very large although many alternatives have begun to appear in the market, such as plant fiber lashes, eco-friendly lashes, etc. There are some 3D mink lashes styles that we recommended for the Black Friday sale.

For mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes are also in great demand. The 25mm mink eyelashes are longer than the common 18mm mink lashes, and they are more fluffy and dramatic but also very beautiful. Here, we also recommend several popular 25mm mink eyelash styles for you.

Of course, not everyone likes mink lashes. Some animal conservationists, don’t like real mink lashes because they think that will hurt the minks. So they usually choose faux mink lashes. In fact, SY mink lashes are cruelty-free. The mink furs are collected from the natural shedding or molting cycles of the young minks, more glossy and vital and no animals were harmed. However, we still recommend some hot sale faux mink lashes. After all, the price of faux mink lashes is cheaper than mink lashes.

The above are the eyelash styles we recommend for the best-selling Black Friday in 2021. If you want to start your own lashes business, you can contact us — SY Lashes. We will help you to create your own eyelash brand with a low budget and will offer hot sale lashes at very competitive wholesale prices. Our goal is to create more profits for our partners and give the best eyelashes to women all over the world. We will keep striving for excellent product quality and common development with customers and would like to create a bright future with worldwide friends. Welcome to contact us and start win-win cooperation.